My professional career has focused on promoting healing for those whose marginalization is compounded in higher education; I strive to transform higher education practice to better support marginalized students by working directly with other practitioners and educators. 

I lead trainings and workshops on engaging in anti-oppressive pedagogy and programming for teams at institutions across the country.

Below is a sample of trainings and workshops I have offered in the past

For staff and faculty

  • Employing trauma-informed and healing-centered pedagogy in the classroom 
  • Addressing burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Anti-racism in higher education 

For staff, faculty, and student leaders 

  • Applying intersectionality to anti-violence prevention and response work
  • Promoting healing for students of color who have experienced trauma
  • Trauma-informed care 
  • Survivor-centered and anti-oppressive programming 
  • Power, privilege, microaggressions, and oppression
  • Bystander intervention and allyship 
  • Politicizing care and wellness (learn more about yoga as resistance)