Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Reports & Blog Posts

Fonseca, D., Gonzalez, M., Hart, A. N., Karunaratne, N., Lee, A., Legaspi, G., Ogbuli, K., Osorio, H., Puckett, A., Roychoudhury, D., Sánchez Castillo, M., Sass, A., Son, K., & Weatherford, S. (2022, March). The history of racism and the quest for racial justice at UCLA. UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy.

Karunaratne, N. (2019, August 27). Connections between the “prison nation” and campus sexual violence [Blog post]. 

Karunaratne, N. (2017, September 1). An intersectional framework for sexual violence prevention education [Blog post].